Our unique story was born in these pages “The Construction of a Dream”

Sailing Yacht Book
Melissa & Francesco’s mentor, Captain Antonio Penati, gave them a copy of his recently published book “The Construction of a Dream” in which he describes his adventures sailing around the world in his Sailing Yacht LYCIA (which he built himself!).
Francesco was crewing aboard LYCIA (pictured below right) when he first met Melissa in Fiji back in 2003. Antonio was a guest at their wedding two years later! Translated below is the personal note he wrote to them in his book, of which they are proud and focused to achieve:
Dear Melissa and Francesco,
Your beautiful story was born in these pages and gives sense to a life that is made of unexpected meetings that change the course. In some way, you are the continuation of my adventure and one day when you will tell it the title could be “the construction of a dream second volume”.
A hug
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