Food & Wine

One of the most enjoyable pastimes on your private luxury Yacht Charter with Ombre Blu ³, is sampling the regional Food and Wine, both onboard & ashore.

From the moment you book your trip with us, we will work together with you in order to establish the perfect menu, which will be personalized to your tastes.  Your menu is prepared by Chef Francesco, based on the finest and freshest local produce. Francesco comes from a family of restauranteurs. In fact, all of his siblings run their own Italian restaurants.  Melissa is also working in the galley and specializes in baking fresh bread cakes and muffins.

“We will assist you in choosing wines from our Wine List, designed together with our Somellier”

Another unique advantage of the dining experience aboard is that we stock the finest Sparkling Wines. These are supplied by our exclusive partner BORTOLOMIOL. Over many generations, the BORTOLOMIOL family has been producing Prosecco in the hills of Valdobbiadene, which makes them one of the oldest Prosecco producers in Italy.

Of course, a wine is only as good as the glass it is served in, and when it comes to hand-made Italian glassware, we have the best onboard! There is no finer producer than our partner ZAFFERANO.  Zafferano are located in the Veneto region of Italy and are also the sponsors of Vinitaly, the largest wine fair in the world, where producers across Italy show-off their finest products. Zafferano became particularly famous for their rimmed-bottom wine glasses (pictured in the Photo Gallery below).

If you’re looking for a truly Unique Sailing Experience in Italy or in Greece, then look no further!