Dear Melissa, Francesco & Marlowe

Thank you, thank you, thank you for another wonderful and fun 10 days. It’s been blissful bobbing about in Volcano land again with you. And despite my insistence on revisiting a previous cruising ground, you made it a brand new and wonderfully interesting trip.

The new barca is bellissima! The same Ombre Blu perfection, only cubed. And I don’t care what your interior designer says, I love the tiny stars on the ceiling!

The beautiful Salina cove, the marriage of the Faraglioni and the incredible lunch in the hills of Lipari were real highlights, but it’s all been truly lovely. And the chef has repeatedly managed to knock our socks off! Honestly, I think I’ll sob with disappointment the next time I eat Italian food in the UK!

Thank you for – as always – working so ridiculously hard to make our trip so special and to take care of us. Hope you all have a good, well-deserved rest.

Loads of love xxxx