18 – 25 October, 2022

OMBRE BLU3 – What a wonderful boat! We are so lucky to be able to join the crew again. The weather in mid October could not have been more perfect. Flat water, clear and full of sea life from Dolphins to Star Fish. Walking up to the sulphur smoking crater on Vulcano was out of a Sci-Fi film – unbelievable. Stromboli by night, spitting angry lava and glowing like a beacon was a site and a gift to cherish. The walk across Panarea was a mixture of the lush Napali Coast in Kauai and the rugged jagged Arizona Desert, such an exciting and challenging, enjoyable adventure hike. We watched so many beautiful sunsets over local wines and scrumptious food. Cookbook please! You must share your food secrets. We loved the quiet coves and tine bays full of caves and beaches. We just had an amazing trip. Even the odd appearance of a Jellyfish was a magical wonder to snorkle around and view safely.

Cannot thank you all enough – Francesco, Melissa, Marlowe & Arfel you gave us a fantastic experience.

Thank you sincerely

Amy & Rocco